Vermin on CNN This Weekend, Probably

My friend and chronicler, indy film producer and writer, Darren Garnick, recieved the following CNN e-mail
Hi Darren,
 My name is Grayson and I work for a show on CNN Headline News called “News To Me” .  It’s a show that covers the world of citizen journalism, web culture and viral video.
I’m writing to let you know that your iReport about Vermin Supreme may featured on the show Saturday 11/1 and Sunday 11/2.  I say “may” only because things can change at the last minute, but as of right now your video is in the rundown.
“News To Me” airs on CNN Headline News ( the Nancy Grace channel, not the Anderson Cooper channel) every Saturday and Sunday at 7:30pm and 9:30pm Eastern.  The show repeats on Sunday and Monday at 12:30am and 5:30am Eastern. 
   Please feel free to pass this information on to Vermin Supreme as well if you’d like.
Thanks for submitting to iReport and thanks for being part of “News To Me” this weekend!
 -Grayson Thagard
-Associate Producer, “News To Me”
-CNN Headline News
I am of two minds on this.:
To have several minutes, of exciting Vermin Campain Infomercial/Documentary, air just two days before the final election on CNN Headline News, is truly remarkable.
In fact it could just change the election,
To buy this airtime , like Barrack Obama did, would cost plenty of thousands of dollars.

But on the other mind CNN is certainly, selling ad revenue for that airtime filled with glorious, Vermin Supreme propaganda.
If you thought reality shows were cheap to produce, how about a TV show that repackages stuff it finds on the web.

Unfortunately, Darren doesn’t even get a , “News TO Me – Free Content Producer ,” Tee shirt. (Sucker.)
Both he and I are being showered, with just about “one-half” of our fifteen minutes worth, of ‘news’ based, infotainment publicity, this end of the election cycle.
Publicity, a wonderful intangible which I know for a fact , you cannot eat. I’ve tried.
Publicity, you can buy it. You just can’t afford it.


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  1. donna

    Hello Vermin, I live on the west coast. (Oregon) I have been following your “career” for the past few years through a very close relative of yours. Love your personality. Keep those politicians on thier toes.

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