News To Me

The campain staff and I just viewed the CNN Headline News television program, News To Me.

I am culpable. ( I think there’s a Latin term for it.)
Like many media critics, I published opinions on a ‘ media content product,’ without actually seeing it.
Now , having seen it , I must slightly modify the critique.

It was great. The show is snappy , happy , and just the type of infotainment that this nations’ youths so richly deserve.
The show really is about stuff they find on the web. But it’s not like you’re sitting there at your computer finding random shit.
They find the random shit for you ,and then they tart it up like an episode of Entertainment Tonight, without the celeberities .

The show claims to be interactive, but all I could do was turn the volume up and down.
The King of Rats piece was sliced and diced and remixed with voiceover, so that it did become an entirely new product.
It became an info/ promotional-ercial for the King of Rats ireport and Vermin Supreme.

An internet Big Foot hoax was Vermin’s fitting lead in, on the show.
I feel sorry for the poor children taking a political poll , on Halloween.
They gave people they trick-or-treated to ,the opportunity to ‘vote’ ,with their candy.
They had to follow both Big Foot, and Vermin Supreme.
They were lucky they were cute.

I don’t feel half as exploited.


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One response to “News To Me

  1. ntmgrayson

    Hi Vermin!

    Glad you liked the show. Your bit is now up on

    It’s an embeddable clip so feel free to tack it up on any website you like, if you like!

    Associate Producer, Grayson

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