Vermin Supreme! on CNN’s ‘News To Me’

Just in case you missed it on television proper , here it is
One minute fifty five seconds of journalistic dynamite :

Vermin Supreme on CNN’s ‘News To Me’ Enjoy.

If you enjoy a more serious political analysis…
Click here to find out why Robert Starvation did not vote for Vermin Supreme.

And Jeff Fecke of The Blog of the Moderate Left , in todays piece
Power Rankings are Dead, Long Live Power Rankings favorably compares Vermin Supreme’s charisma and oratory skills
with those of Barrack Obama

In , Kevin O’Kelley reviews Pagan Kennedy‘s
new book . He refers to Vermin Supreme as,
” a political activist who embodies the absurdity and viciousness of contemporary American politics.”
True or False? Explain.


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One response to “Vermin Supreme! on CNN’s ‘News To Me’

  1. areolamoon

    After the deluge of press our beloved candidate Vermin Supreme received it is a certainty that he received many millions of write-in votes. We demand a recount! Who is counting these write-ins? I bet that Vermin beat the pants off of that Obama!

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