Vermin Supreme, “King of Rats”
Footage Reused Once Again
“News To Me” 2008 iReport Special
On CNN Head Line News
Footage lifted from Darren Garnick’s ireport,
coverage of the Vermin campain at the 2008 New Hampshire Primary,
recycled once again.

The last time CNN and “News to Me”
used the footage , readership of this blog increased ,
1000% to an all time high of 187 clicks on one day.
Let’s find out what happens this time shall we?

In the meantime a special shout out to the one or two
people a day ,that seem to stagger across this blog,
by way of one, of the two Vermin Supreme websites.

Shout Out to two great Americans,
Ken 42r , creator of the oldest continuing Vermin Supreme website, hosted by
The Ken 42r created site was drafted into the Library of Congress’s digilibrary of internet presidential political sites.
and Freeman Z ( the man who rescued
from an internet domain parking space and now hosts this freeman Z
created website)


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