Most Intense Inaugural Video, Ever

The most intense inaugural video that I’ve got for you is “CheckPoint Dubya” from the January 20, 2004 Bush Re-swearing in.
Eight minutes of high octane pepper spray dripping action, with Vermin Supreme acting as a ringmaster of ceremonies .
What a difference four more years make.

Compare and contrast. Then . Now . Now then.
All of the action takes place at the lovely Freedom Plaza checkpoint. 14th street and Pennsylvania Ave.
Just two blocks away from the White House.
Your eyes will burn just watching it.

It was produced by activist, and roving citizen journalist flux rostrum , one of my favorite DIY media guys.
He’s got a camera. He’s got a bus . MobileBroadcastNews

The Youtube link for this awesome piece is “>click here
Excessive police state activity and Vermin Supreme trying to get DC riot police to arrest US military for violating the Posse Comitatis Act . Good times.


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