Massachusetts Senator John Kerrry recently gave America the heads up about ZOMBIE BANKS. Zombie banks are allegedly banks that are actually dead and are being artificially kept alive with taxpayer cash infusions. But we know better, don’t we?
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

PROOF of MY PREMONITION : Lead paragraph From The January 10,20008 issue of THE ECONOMIST .The article entitled The Mac is Back :

THE candidate stood at a busy intersection and shouted: “Vote for me or something nasty will happen to your children in the night!” Vermin Supreme, who campaigns with a boot on his head and a chicken necklace (it is not hard to get on the ballot in New Hampshire), is trying to make a satirical point. Politicians court support by fear-mongering, he says. He takes it one step further: he wants America to be prepared for a zombie attack.

Mr Supreme’s jokes are funnier than John McCain’s. The senator from Arizona told the same old chestnut about two drunken Irishmen to several crowds in New Hampshire this week, most of whom had doubtless heard it before. But he won a thumping victory in the Republican primary, beating Mitt Romney by 37% to 32%, because Mr Supreme is wrong about the dangers facing America. Some of them are real. And many voters think Mr McCain is the man to confront them.

Please note : THE ECONOMIST is WRONG . Vermin Supreme is vindicated by John Kerry.
When Mr. Supreme was asked how he would ‘ ask a man to be the last man to die for a lost cause’,
he replied ‘ I would say please.’


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