Our friend Gregor , from Shundahai Network , called with amazing news . President Obama is hell bent on shutting down the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Suppository Project . Wow . First a drawdown of troops in Iraq , and now this . The world is going topsy turvy .

Congratulations to all those who have dedicated themselves to defeating the Nuke Mountain Ride .

And while we are on the subject….Here is some footage from the time Ali G came to the Nevadia Nuclear Test Site Protest in order to make the protester/hippies lookk stupid. What a wanker . Included is footage Sacha Baron Cohen aka Ali G. used without permission of yours truly.

My lawyer, Joey Turco , sent his lawyers a cease and desist letter .
His lawyers claimed I am a public figure and media whore and therefor had no leg to stand on .
True enough , but he did rip me off none the less .


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