Calico Future would have been thirty….

It is with with sadness that I must share this news.
Our beautiful sister Jen Futrell aka Calico Future is dead.
She was killed while riding her bicycle, struck from behind , by a minivan.
Yesterday, March 4, was her birthday.

You may remember her from Vermont a few years back, or maybe you remember her
short, squat dog Aloe(wicious) . She also made that years blenderfest.

She came to Boston from Kentucky back in 04, for the DNC. She fell in with the
Seeds of
Peace kitchen
, and joined with them on, the DNC2RNC walk to New York.
This year she manifested her own kitchen , the Down Home Hospitality Cafe, that
hospitality to the pnc2rnc protest bicycle ride, from Chicago to St. Paul.

Artist, activist, cook, and all sorts of other things that I know little about.
Becky and I saw her just a few weeks ago, at the RNC ,in St. Paul. She was
cooking, of course,
with the Seeds of Peace kitchen.


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One response to “Calico Future would have been thirty….

  1. fargon

    Dear misinformed poster, her birthday was march 3rd.

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