Vermin Supreme


Vermin Supreme is the only candidate that wants to sit in your living room ,
watching your television set , with his feet , propped up on your furniture .

Vermin Supreme is the only candidate , who promises free ponies for all Americans.

Best known, for his never ending , fringe, presidential campain in support of mandatory toothbrushing , Vermin Supreme , has been described as ‘ the most dangerous clown in America ‘

Others have described him thusly :

“In this country anyone can run for president, we say .
And if he wants to do it with a giant toothbrush
and call himself Vermin Supreme, he can do it
But as a reporter, I’m under no obligation to pay any attention to him .
We’ve a very valuable, small amount of air time at ABC News .
I wish we had more….I should spend our time on Vermin Supreme?
Not a chance! “………….. ABC News correspondent Sam Donaldson

“I met the Vermin in 1992, and I saw behind that showmanship,
a communication strategy
which is to show the American people that
our politics has been turned into entertainment,
and he just took it to the extreme .
So I think he is a good communicator”.
consumer advocate/presidential candidate Ralph Nader

” He sounds like a jester out of King Lear .
I mean this is a classic figure in history .
There’s always the fool in the court who’s half nuts, but half wise .
The one who whispers in the ear of the conquerer, ‘ you’re mortal ‘…..

Slightly insane, slightly a bit of a put on, and a lot of accurate satire .
I don’t think it’s a detriment to the political system .
I think it’s a nice accroutemont”..
syndicated Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer

” …a great American…” …………………….
Presidential coulda been John McCain

“….a political god…….”…….. syndicated Miami Herald humorous columnist Dave Barry

Vermin Supreme is a Ben and Jerry flavor, containing chocolate rat feces.

Vote for Vermin Supreme
or terrible things could happen to your family while you sleep.


12 responses to “Vermin Supreme

  1. I’m sorry to see that after another election, we are no closer to getting Mr Supreme into the oval office. Maybe next time around the country will be ready to make the plunge. I didn’t see his name on the Presidential ballot, so instead I was forced to vote for Obama (I’m sorry).
    Peace Out!
    Spinning Charlie

  2. April Cagle

    I had the pleasure of meeting The Vermin at RNC 2008. He kept me entertained as I sold my campaign buttons. I hope you read this Vermin. If you do tell your wife hello for me. You guys are great!!! Do you plan on running for president again? I hope so.

  3. Jay Crawford

    Dear Vermin. I have come of age for the 2012 election. It will be the first time I will vote for you! I’m shocked that you do not have 2012 campaign paraphernalia. I would love to donate to your cause, but I want a damn t-shirt and a pony!

  4. Marty Katz

    I want to support Vermin by displaying an election poster. Is one available? Thank you.

  5. Luke Barnhart

    I’m campaigning for you at Slippery Rock Area Middle School, and I feel that by letting the youth know that you are out there is the best thing that I can personally do for my country. You are my personal idol, I just want you to know that Luke Barnhart is your number one fan, and because of you I always brush my teeth.

  6. Jason Marshall

    What if I don’t want a pony? Can I have a camel instead? You are a political wizard! By far the best candidate on the planet today. How would you deal with the illegal immigration of Canadian geese? These undocumented animals are taking jobs from American geese and I’m upset!

  7. Wow.
    Just to let you know, your former Queen of the Disco Ball parader (and Green & Purple Kitchen pizza chef) is incredibly proud of your Work. You have my support and my vote!

  8. richie

    vermin for president! mandatory tooth brushing, free ponies, and zombie power.

  9. Vermin, I assure you of at least one vote in the very backwards state of Florida!

  10. Lakota

    You have really inspired me and my twin! At my twin’s school he is running for class president and his hole campaign is based on you. You are the best and I hope you never give up in your quest to become the best damn president this country has seen!

  11. Simply Sam

    Vermin Supreme, I’m sick of the plastic bag, vs. paper bag debate for what ever market I go into. Will you promise to make mandatory milk crate ordinances for each town, and city grocery store?

  12. Unknown Fan

    Vermin, I’m not allowed to vote because i’m from Europe…but if I could, you would be my number one!…You remind me anytime of my good old friend Peter Huegl! He’s like you – epic!

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